Michael Moore's Unhappy New Year's Resolution....

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Michael Moore's Unhappy New Year's Resolution....

Before I even start, let me address the concern that no doubt about half of you are voicing right now: "Why are we discussing this guy with everything else going on?  Isn't this just a bid for attention?"  Well yes, largely that's exactly what it is.  But it also provides a segue to a larger issue that deserves our attention.

So, for background, at about 8 pm on New Years Eve I got an email from Michael Moore.  I sign up for just about every newsletter of this type, from Moore to Code Pink to Fox News to Americans For Prosperity.  I like to get news from hudreds of sources, so that I will know what is going on across Terra Firma.  This email from Mr. Moore was entitled My New Year's Resolutions and can be read at the link above. 

Of his resolutions, two are the source of much controversy.  First, #4:

Stop saying "I support the troops." I don't. I used to. I understand why so many enlisted after 9/11. Sadly, many of them were then trapped and sent off to invade Iraq. I felt for all of them. I understood those who joined because of a lousy economy. But at some point all individuals must answer for their actions, and now that we know our military leaders do things that have nothing to do with defending our lives, why would anyone sign up for this rogue organization? 

This is (of course) the worst kind of tripe.  Notice how it manages to be condescending (troops are so dumb they were trapped by recruiters), pitiable (we joined because we couldn't get any other jobs) and nefarious (rogue organization!). 

But fear not, because he sets it all right in #5:

5. Apologize for #4. I have enormous respect for anyone who would offer to sacrifice their life to defend my right to live. Is there any greater gift one can give another? It's not the troops' fault they're sent to invade other countries for dubious reasons and outright lies. It's OUR responsibility to prevent this, to elect representatives who believe in peace, and to only put our troops in harm's way when it's absolutely necessary. My uncle was killed in World War II. Today would have been his 90th birthday. My dad still misses him. Our family has served this country in the military since the Revolutionary War. None of them watch Fox News.

Oh, well then, all is forgiven.

Look, you can't WRITE something, then immediately apologize for it in the exact same publication.  Apologies don't work that way.  But that stuff about his family supporting the military does crack me up.  It's reminsicent of the old "I can't be a [racist/homophobe/sexist]; some of my best friends are [minority group.]"  Are we really to understand that Michael Moore can't disrespect the military because of an uncle who died 10 years before he was born?  And if his family has served the country since the Revolution, it seems odd that he would pick a relative who served 70 years ago, before he was even born to make his point.

National Commander James Koutz struck a better tone than I certainly could have:

Koutz explained that Moore is able to openly express his opinions because American troops have fought and given their lives for freedom for over two centuries, as they are doing today in Afghanistan and other theaters in the global war on terrorism.

“What I can say is that The American Legion fully supports all the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, always has and always will,” Koutz said. “We don’t need to make a New Year’s resolution for that. It’s what we do every day, every year. No resolution needed.

“We do it by supporting the families of military personnel before, during and after their deployments. We do it by fighting to preserve the benefits military men and women have earned and deserve while they are in the service and after discharge. We do it when they come home and need help adjusting to lives as civilians.

“Moreover, The American Legion supports the troops in our hearts and prayers, appealing to God every day that they may come home safe, having stood strong against those who would gladly take away the freedoms that define the greatness of our nation.”

He's exactly right of course.  But since Moore has already said he won't be espousing the fiction that he supports the troops any more, we'll just have to pick up the slack left by his absence.  Since that never amounted to much anyway, I'll have his yearly gratitude for the troops matched before I go to lunch.


 UPDATE:  Moore doubles down.  To answer his question as to who has done those things, well The American Legion has been doing those things for almost 100 years now.  Every single day.  We support the troops, we volunteer at VAs, we do honor guards, we honor our brothers and sisters, we raise money to help them when they need it, and we give them a hand when they need it. 

You might not do any of those things, but we do.




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Mr Moore is a perfect example of an ungrateful, bloated (in many ways), oxygen thief. What upsets me is that good Americans die every day so idiots like him can run their mouths. He has way too much time on his hands. If you dont like it here. Go live somewhere else.

I don't patronize Michael Moore's movies, nor do I listen to his BS. He may be a big movie producer in Hollywood but Jane Fonda was a big Hollywood actress and I don't support her either.

Dean Dyer's comments said it best.

It is my suspicion that the majority of the criticism of Mr Moore have never seen his movies. The foreign policy of this government has not only alienated the third world countries but is responsible for the death of millions and the thousands of out troops , the invasion of Iraq with known faulty evidence of WMDs. And now the suicide of our returning military is outnumbering the casualties from battle. The evidence is there of our support of dictators who could have cared less about their fellow country men. Wake up and smell the roses or maybe that should be the stink weed.

You know as well as everyone else that wack job from Iraq was saying and making actions that indicated he had tons of that stuff hidden all over the place, The international community believed strongly it was still there, I agree we should bring ALL of our troops Home, From obamas illegal war in three countries of central Africa to every piece of foign soil that is not a territory of the USA

I feel for every troop who got messed up due to G Bush and company's unnecessary/illegal war. There's a difference between supporting troops and approving of government action. Time for Americans to get smarter, read a little more, quit being "terrorized" of every possible threat. Why give Moore any space here. I'm a bigger fan of Michael Moore than our politicians. One's like Mitt Romney who spend four years on as a Mormon missionary during the Viet Nam war ( a customary one year missionary cycle) and go around proclaiming their patriotism. How that turn out for Ali. Tired of every body waving the flag and sending the disadvantaged off to fight. Tired of Dick Chaney, who "had better things to do" than go to Nam. I'm a Viet Nam vet.

But you are okay with having elected a draft dodging coward? (Bill Clinton)

...but it's OK for Mitt Romney to sit out the Viet Nam war hiding in PARIS?!

How can you say that G.W.'s invasion of Iraq was illegal? Before you start condescending people smarter than you, YOU need to read more and smarten up! One of the requirements of the end of the first Gulf War was complete, unfeddered access to anyplace inspectors wanted to go. Iraq did not comply.
Thank you for your service, but you need to bone up on the facts before you talk down to me.

Not only that Todd but permission from Congress was obtained as well. To Hades with the ones that said I supported it before I didn't support it!

Under international law, the United Nations had to approve, and they did not. Therefore, any action taken by our Congress alone was illegal under international law, and therfore it was a war crime to invade Iraq. Most Iraqi veterans know this- it is was it was. But Sorry Joseph Hooper- it was illegal.

Moore is right.

Perhaps instead of simply clipping one small blurb of Michael Moore's writing, you should read the whole thing-- in context. It is much better: michaelmoore dot com

That's not even remotely the case.  I don't know where you got that from, but that isn't based on anything in the law.  I have a law degree and specialized in International Law, and never once heard of legal warfare being decided by the UN.

You have a source for this legal proposition?

The UN Charter reads in article 2(4):

" All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations."

This rule was "enshrined in the United Nations Charter in 1945 for a good reason: to prevent states from using force as they felt so inclined".

Although some interpret Article 2(4) as banning only the use of force directed at the territorial integrity or political independence of a state, the more widely held opinion is that these are merely intensifiers, and that the article constitutes a general prohibition, subject only to the exceptions stated in the Charter (self-defence and Chapter VII action by the Security Council). The latter interpretation is also supported by the historic context in which the Charter was drafted, the preamble specifically states that "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind" is a principal aim of the UN as such. This principle is now considered to be a part of customary international law, and has the effect of banning the use of armed force except for two situations authorized by the UN Charter. Firstly, the Security Council, under powers granted in articles 24 and 25, and Chapter VII of the Charter, may authorize collective action to maintain or enforce international peace and security.

Since the U.S. is a member country of the U.N., it is bound by the treaty (See Senate ratification of a treaty supereceeding U.S. law) it is bound by the U.N. charter. Korean War was an example of the U.S. being authorized by the U.N. security council to engage in war. Gulf War I was authorized by the security council- but only to repel Iraq from Kuwait. THAT made Gulf War I legal.

Iraq 2003 had no such authorization, and therefore was an illegal war of aggression under international law. The President should have been charged with the war crime.


a) The court rejected that logic (see above.)

b) The UN never said it was illegal.

c) Look up preemptive self-defense.

d) see United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441

Lastly an act is not itself illegal until it has been determined to have been so.  That's part of the "innocent until proven guilty" aspect of our Judiciary.  No court with any jurisdiction has determined that the Iraq War was illegal, so I still don't get that argument.


I think Jim needs to remember what country this is. This is The United States of America, not section four aisle six of the UN. Eff the UN. I never swore allegiance to that bastion of bureaucracy and terrorism, and I don't care for anyone who has. I swore allegiance to The American Constitution, which, in case Jim forgot, is a SOVEREIGN NATION.

As to his other less than stellar argument, google "found WMD iraq" and look at all the evidence. Think all those photos are all products of someone with photoshop in their hard drive? Then ask yourself two simple little questions: 1) What three countries were complaining the most when The United States invaded Iraq. 2) What three countries suddenly stopped complaining and decided to supply their soldiers to the war effort all within a week of each other? Not a coincidence......I'm just surprised someone would be so stupid as to sell something with a company logo and a made in sticker to someone that isn't supposed to have those items.

illegal war??? wow.

I have a problem with your UN comment. They did in fact give approval to the invasion of Iraq as did the US government, British, several south American country. and more. Yes there were some that disagreed. Russia, China lead the way of disagreement. It was approved, with the US in the led. By the way, there where 9 votes taken by the UN on the subject all passed.

Thank you, Dean Dyer, for a sober and mature assessment.

“What I can say is that The American Legion fully supports all the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, always has and always will,”


Explain why the survivors of the June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty have been kicked out of two American Legion conventions. They just wanted to tell their story but were unceremoniously kicked out by American Legion security.

Michael Moore is going to do whatever boosts his visibility and, by extension, profits for his movies. For guys like him, it is all about the money. All the hype about causes and such is just a smoke screen for another profiteer.

I Won't be renewing my membership of 30 plus years,I have felt for quite some time that the Legion is moving to far to the RIGHT!! So Long Gentleman

Good riddance, America does not need any moore left wing losers.

That is your right Mike as it is MY right to not be upset you are leaving. The legion has done things for this vietnam vet in the past so I WILL be renewing mine!

M.M's statement rightly addresses the millions of people who buy a bumper sticker proclaiming their support, but in the meantime don't lift a finger to actively provide for vets or to call to task war mongering politicians.
Being critical of flawed policy is not being unpatriotic and taking a quote out of context to dramatize to readers is not journalism.

What part is taken out of context? I provided a link to the original. If I quoted more I would be guity of copyright violations, so what was I supposed to include?

This guy has been against anything American since he made up crap about General Motors many years ago, Then the big lies about gun owners, He never stops and as much as he hates America and everything in our country he needs to find another place to live.He sure is anti-American everything.

This cements my impression that Michael Moore is a waste of good skin.
I have never, nor will I ever, be a patron at anything he has participated in.
With an ego as big as his, evident by his physical prowess, I am impressed he can even walk.

This cements my impression that Michael Moore is a waste of good skin.
I have never, nor will I ever, be a patron at anything he has participated in.
With an ego as big as his, evident by his physical prowess, I am impressed he can even walk.

We have more important issues than what M.Moore has to say

Michael Moore does not set policy. Michael Moore has very little if no influence on any one of the three branches of Government. His resume' is in show business. He is obviously not aware of what it takes to become a member of one of the branches of military service. What it takes to face the stress associated with an assignment. The depression to be disabled from a successful career that you love. The utter belief, dedication and total pride in who you are and who you are serving. Whatever his purpose to make the comments that he has, I feel sorry for him. He lives in this country, benefits from those who have designed, protected, and run this country, yet he lives with ignorance of all that he has in comparison to those who live outside of this Nation. I feel sorry for him because he is offered dessert which he refuses for vinegar instead. I am a disabled retired United States Marine. I know and I fully appreciate.

No, he doesn't set policy, but he DOES influence a lot of people that are too dumb or lazy to check what he and his documovies say! His farenheight 151 had so many quotes taken out of context it wasn't funny! One of the NewYork Police he "quoted" was VERY upset with him for tah and came out publically calling him on it!

I feel that he has the morals of a horny dog who will hunp anything. I am a disabled veteran who is going to be forced to blow my damn head off next month. It has come down to this or move to a tent in the woods and slowly starve and or freeze to death. Unfortunately, nobody too much actually cares. It has gotten tothe point that I do not care myself. All of the turds in Washington D.C. deliberately took us down a road to destruction for the benifit of a very few including themselves. So much the same is all of the manmade government systems in this world. A very few take most of everything and leave the rest to all else to scramble and scuffle for. I say that is high time to have an honorable military discharge as a prequisite for becoming a congressman, president, or vicepresident here. I have suffered through this impending homelessness issue for quite some time now because of the reckless manner politicians have run the government. The vast majority of these people have never been in the military. They think nothing starting wars that others have to be ravished by nor truly trying to deal with veteran issues because they could care less. Has anyone observed and called attention to the fact that starting, with Ronald Reagan, the president or vicepresident was always a draft dodger. Four of them (Quale, Clinton, Bush Jr., and Chenney) succeeded in changing the military so that other cowards such as themselves can get around military service without backlash and or stigma being attached. Now, we are stuck with Obama's punk ass doing his dirt and making us poor, old, and or handicapped people pay for it dearly. I have had over $16,000 taken out of my pocket alone to compensate for the outlandish massive giveaways to the very same people who robbed me blind with use of the Bush/Chenney/Republican financial restructuring that was put into place. Reagan started all of the mess we are dealing with these days. Then, ignorant as Bush Jr. revisited this stratagy, now, the A__hole Obama has taken this BS to an astronomical level. "Too big to fail" was one of the worse mistatements of all time in my opinion. I personally have been effected by this bull, in that, the government condoned and aided culprits in being able to rob me to the point of my current position. I feel that these so-called "big banks" should have been left to themselves to sink or swim on there own. I watched as these outfits ran up my bill (in one instace, having a $1,500 limit credit card ran up to $7,500 with interest, over liimit and late Fees) before sicking a collections company on me. This was done to me similarly by many others. I wound up in the hospital for a few days and missed making one payment on time. Itbecame leagle for everyone to double my interes rates even though they had been up to date with payments. My VA disability check has already been gone before I received it for the last ffive years or so. Accompanying bankrupsy law changes took that option away from me. Hell, I wonder if the government will continue to pay these crooks my disability check when I am forced to die. I think not. They will end up f___ed like me in end. And rightly so is my feeling.

Larry Curry,
Hang in there brother. If you end it that way they still win. Don't let that happen.

Do not publish trash of this nature. By not printing anything from this clown The American Legion is not vioating the right of anyone. Do not give this person free publicity.

Amazingly, Patrick, you cannot ban all free speech like you wish you could. If you don't like people being less than complimentary toward you on FB, you probably shouldn't do the same toward others on FaceBook. Or does that irony escape you? You know, like calling people fat like you do on your FB page or calling people Klansmen like you do on your FB page or tubbo like you do on your FB page or "walking turds" (ring a bell, a-hole?) like you do on your FB page? Also, I still think what you say is crap and you act like pansy by hiding your hypocrisy behind FB's schoolyard monitors.

I still think you have crap coming out of your mouth. Try removing THIS comment, you tool.

Just because you feel your government in sending young men and woman off to fight and die in a worthless war, doesn't mean your not patrioatic. It means you have the ability to think for yourself, in a country that allows differences of opinion and beliefs. The right of "Freedom Of Speech". Remember that one? I support my fellow soldiers (I'm a US Army veteran), but I don't support the fact that the US is in a war that was simply a fast-track to millions & billions of $ for the Bush era "Good-Ol Boy" network. And once the US had been in country past a point of no return, it became plainly clear that a simple withdrawl was not possible, and that headache was passed on to President Obama.

So sit there and drink the red, white and blue Kool-Aid if you want, but the Bush administration put our military in harms way for one reason, MONEY!

As for me, I don't really care what Moore has to say, nor do I bother to put him down for what he says. His words don't harm anyone. But the fact that he is being hated for voicing his opinion is what should be criticized.

I served eight years and saw combat 3 times, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if physically able to. But that is not to say that at times, even as a soldier you don't think to yourself, "what are we doing here?" But you do your job becuase your team is depending on you to, even if the mission makes no sense. You get through it together, and then complain when you are no longer obligated to the job of a soldier, because you earned the right to, and you fought for the rights of all the Micheal Moores in the US to complain if they want to as well.

I support the troops in their daily actions to do the job they were sent to do, and only so that they all return home safely. But I will not support the war itself. Think for yourselves folkes, and recognize when your leadership (Bush & Co) has lied to you.

I have an uncle buried in France, thanks to World War II. It reminds me of "All gave some, Some gave all!"
He did. I wonder just HOW much Micheal Moore knows about the military. I did my duty, as did my father and my two uncles, and one of those uncles was one of those who gave all. My grandparents NEVER totally got over that!! Neither did his siblings, one of which was my mother. I had the Flag that draped my uncle's casket, I passed it on to a cousin who I KNEW would treat it with honor and respect.

I, as a rule, never get into a fray about nothing and I do realize that this article about Mike More is to stimulate controversy, but, it is about nothing. I for myself have to address some comments and infuse some points of my own. Delaware D, Do me a big favor and don't speak for " the sentiments felt by many Amercans." Unless your GOD, I don't think you know what their feeling. You should have stopped at "We who serve, (drop the d; once a Vet always a Vet) defend, (drop the ed) all the rights of this Nation. It was your most sensible and shinning statement. (Danna Lee, on Target, spoken well, I wish I had your way (abilities) with words) My own personal view is that if you are on Active Duty or a Veteran you still are serving God and Country. JH, had to go political and single out the Republicans. ( I was an Independent long before it was popular(1971)(when I became old enough to Vote at 19yrs old,(26th Amendment, 18yrs old) serving the U.S. of A.) Yea, like FDR, Harry Truman(1950), JFK, LBJ all had absolutey nothing to do with WW2, Korea, or Vietnam, not those Dems. Oh by the way, did you know that VP Delaware Joe Biden had five (5), count them, five draft deferments to get out of Vietnam. Check with Delaware D or ask Sen.Tom Carper, DE, VNV, Navy fighter pilot; at least Cheney was up front. VP Joe made sure that son Beau Biden (JAG) just like G. W. Bush (Pilot) got into the NG; I guess he thought like Vietnam we wouldn't deploy The Guard overseas. Beau Biden served a tour in the Iraqi theater and is a Hero in my book, JAG or Grunt I do not care he went. So if you point fingers at the scallywags, cover all bases Dems, Reps and all the rest. Next point, as far as Romney goes, Missionary work or the PEACE CORPS, what is the difference, there was a draft. Canada could have been an option then too or he could have protested or sided with the Viet Nam Vets Against the War or one of our many college campuses, Kent State maybe. Lets not forget Ali. He had a choice just like Rom, and he stood by his conviction on the draft. He did what HE FELT WAS RIGHT, ON RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS. Go ahead call Ali a draft dodger. Didn't hurt his caree any too. Next, "Flag Wavers and Proclaiming their Patriotism". If my mind serves me right I think I took an OATH to support and defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES, that includes every male, female American citizen, immigrant and freedom seeker that comes to our shores or across our border from around the World that wants to abide by and respect (THAT) CONSTITUTION and yes the Mike Mores (I know, I spelled his name wrong, see the pun, so sue me). JM my heart gos out to the USS Liberty survivors, but WE VETS are like that, ask vets like John McCain or Bob Dole who were unceremoniously ripped at several Post and Convention gatherings while speaking to us FELLOW VETS. Or how about MOH recpt. Dakota Meyer who was raked over the coals by a fellow Vet at a good paying job (he lost it) because he sent a letter stating that he did not want the company he was working at to sell Govt Spec Scopes to an Enemy of the USA. (there we go again, CONVICTIONS) We didn't have to agree with them, but we could have showed them and other and ALL fellow Vets some RESPECT. Again MY own personal view is that The NATIONAL Guard, The Coast Guard, the Merchant Marines and the SPY GUYS AND GALS like the USS Liberty Crew, full active duty or weekend warriuors, if they took the OATH and "handed in a blank check" they should be entitled to the same rights and privileges all veterans have. Drafted or Volunteered, Past (Vietnam era too) and present. Next, APS, I would like to let you in on a secret about WMD. Durring WW2, on December 7, 1941we had radar that did not pick up the Zeros coming in to bomb Pearl Harbor, (how could that be) Vietnam had the Gulf of Tonkin, ghost gunboats attacking our BIG WAR SHIPS off their coast. Oh well, I suppose we just wanted to cuddle up next to our BIG BUSINESS and BIG GOVERNMENT (like in Vietnam) oil fields. The Dems and the Reps both benefit, so do big business; that is why they pay us the small bucks. Mike Wells, The American Legion is moving to the far Right or for someone else on another subject to the far Left. Who cares. You are going to become a quitter, a non-hacker because of this BS. NO WAY. I don't for a minute think any one of you would abandon a fellow Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, Guardsman or Coastie. Stay, PLEASE, Really, I mean it, Stay. We need people like You and Dyer, Hewitt, Meadors, Short, Lee, Sara Brown(I read ya girl), Pete, Seavey, Lewis and "Butt Heads" like ME. This is what America is all about. We have to look out for one another, that is why they started orgs. like AL, VFW, DAV, VNV and so on. We have to reach out and help Guys and Gals our fellow Vets. like Larry Curry (hey you knucklehead, turn to GOD and turn to an AL rep or a VA rep someone WILL HELP I know I have been Helped) See, they need us we need each other. We were all there for each other when we served and needed each other the most. Lonely, scared, down in the dumps, digging holes or filling sandbags or avoiding the brass, drunk and sober, dear john or jane letters, in the brig or over the hill we HELPED each other out. A parting shot from Rudyard Kipling " For GOD and Soldier we adore, in time of danger, not before! The danger passed, and all things righted, GOD is forgotten and the Soldier slighted." Well, Like my Buddy Ski would say, I need a drink. I am working on my humility, can you tell. Over an Out Laoch

I read the inane remarks that come from yhis twit. He maakes me ashamed that he went to school at the same University that I attended.

I was a decorated Mineman in the Vietnam War and am now a member of American Legion Post 50 Blue Island, Illinois. I defend Michael Moore's right to say what he did. I notice he did not personally slander anyone. I can't say that about all of the responses I read here including the response by the author of this article. I have and will always defend free speech. I will never defend hate, intolerance or slander. The one point this author got right is that National Commander James Koutz struck a better tone in his response. That’s because Our National Commander is focused on the business of advancing the business of Veterans not feeble journalistic sensationalism. I would encourage all veterans to continue as civilians to fight for freedom, to support the sentiments of our National Commander, and to avoid lending credence to celebrities.

What did I say that was slanderous?

Right to comment: Vietnam combat vet. Liberal support of our needy vets through VA chapter. MBA Technology Mgmt. 40+ years career in aerospace / defense industry with knowledge of military practices and capabilities.

My opinion: Senator Byrd was one of the few who had the guts to stand up and address congress with the challenge to NOT go into Iraq unilaterally while wrapped in the flag and "blind" patriotism. Bushes' "coalition" was a myth. The blind patriotism was promoted by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld gang and by the "yellow journalism" of the controlled media, and weak senators who did not dare challenge the party line. Also, a big shame on Colin Powell for not having had the true brass to stand against it, when he knew far better about the trumped of "evidence" of metal tubes, trailers and WMDs. Shame on him and Condoleezza Rice for not standing up against the gang of three. The unquestioning American public, ripe for drawing blood because of 911, did not exercise critical thinking and simply went along for the ride and enjoyed the live, embedded TV coverage and talking heads in between their favorite, brainless TV episodes.

Working class citizens paid the price in billions of taxes and revenues being underhandedly diverted to the trumped up war effort. Both patriotic boys and needy vet benefit groupies went to war and paid the price of reality. Bush and gang rubbed their greedy, self-righteous religious hands in triumph and the Halliburton industrial war machine made huge profits. Both the Iraq and Afghan "wars" are a travesty against humanity, diplomacy, integrity, our morals, Iraq and Afghan sovereignty, and plain ol' common sense. Pre-emptive strike and the just war cause are both a fallacy in this case.

At the conclusion of the Vietnam war, the amortized cost of killing each VC was $250,000. We dropped the equivalent power of an atomic explosive every week on the Vietnam countryside and destroyed the livelihood and peace of innocent Vietnamese citizens. How much are the current wars costing us in terms of World respect, our own respect, and our human and monetary resources? Instead of warring for "regime change," what if we had wisely used these same resources to instead build schools and infrastructure for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, and try winning their approval and respect through non-violence and support rather than killing and maiming them?!?!

Alright here we go again another alledged controversy . Come on folks let's get real ! Our Constitution grants us among things free speech . Michael Moore as well as Rush Limbaugh are allowed to spout off whatever is on their minds . We cannot deny that right ! That's why we live in a free society . In all honesty I do not agree with either one . I consider them pompous fools who fortunately DO NOT REPRESENT AMERICAS IDEALS . Oh I can hear the response now I am neither liberal or right wing . See that's a free society ! I am also a Vietnam Era Veteran who has seen more than my share of death from the past to the present . There will always be individuals out there who will preach war as well as peace ! That is their right ! That is our right ! Over the years and my years are gradually fading into oblivion I have seen as well as participated (Vietnam) issues that have greatly affected our society . I have been priviledged to see the civil rights movement grant past due
rights to America's black population . I have also been saddened by the assissanitions of a President , a presidental contender , civil rights leaders , as well as the turmoil that followed . Have we as a nation learned anything ?

I have no idea what portion of the country agrees or disagrees with my opinions and you know I really don't care . Remember a FREE SPEECH ! Unfortunately I have to question our governments involvement in not only Iraq but Afghanistan as well . What do we hope to accomplish ? Remember Vietnam ! Even some of the troops returning home are questioning why we are there . Demorcacy and a free society can only exist if the populace of the country wants it ! Yes Islamitic terrorism is out there and I remember the twin towers in New York . Terrorism has to be eliminated to create a free society ! But the United States cannot police the world and sacrifice the youth of our nation for some despot with greed and war as an alternative .

I along with a major portion of our country are not pleased with the way our governmemt is heading .
Hell they can't even agree on a budject ! Is it the President's fault ! congress's fault ! Take your pick .
I have a grandaughter entering the Navy next year as well as a grandson entering military service .
Do I care ? Damn right !! Do I worry ? Yes !!!

William, we are apparently about the same age. I just wanted to say that your comments are to the point and well stated.

While Veteran groups like the Legion, VFW, and IAVA work to help Vets obtain services, Michael Moore is responding to the apparent national hypocrisy of our troops being sent off to wars that are not in our national interests while their families are being evicted from their homes, forced onto food stamps, not having the initial funding necessary to meet the needs of returning vets wounded or suffering PTSD, the outrageous number of sexual assaults visited upon our female (and, in some cases, male) troopers that have gone unpunished, the relative scarcity of transitional programs from military to civilian life resulting in tens of thousands of homeless vets and last, but certainly not the least, the staggering number of suicides that appear to be increasing among our veteran population. These are facts and these are his concerns. I hope that the Legion will offer Moore an opportunity to respond to this editorial. I encourage Veterans to go to his page and read his comments in their entirety

Mothax are you an official represenative of the American Legion? I am a 100% Disabled Vet. My first year legion membership card was purchased by my Retired Airforce Uncle. I also have an uncle that was a Marine and wounded in Vietnam and is still suffering with PTSD and chronic anxiety over what happened that day as well as others. My father served in the Navy. I joined the Army right out of high school and served in the Army for 20 years and then was medically retired. I was under the impression the Legion supported all vets and wasn't a POLITICAL organization that didn't support The Far Right, Far Left , Center, Conserative or Independants, they support all vets and don't put you down for your political party, your weight, race or anything. If you are an official rep for the Legion you are making it look really bad. So are allot of the people commenting. I just hit 20 years in the Legion. Until I came on here I have never heard any of the discriminatory remarks at ANY legion I have ever been in. I don't care what Michael Moore thinks or doesn't think. Yes we all have the right to Freedom of Speach but we are also representing what I thought was a very respectable organization and you have the right to make any comment you want as I do. I hope noone that is thinking about joing the Legion gets on this and reads the majority of these comments because many may not won't want to join after reading this blog. If they are over weight. Far Left or any of the other discusting comments that were made. Really aren't you all adults. South Park and craping out of thier mouth and the other childish comments. I represent an American Legion that is respectful adults, that do funerals, flag retirement ceremonies wonderful membership drives and is like one big family. I belong to the Osgood, IN Post but live in Shelbyville, IN and have spent allot of time there and they are basically the same even though it is a bigger post. I'm so ashamed and dissapointed by allot of these remarks. Please don't make fun if I have typos or misspellings. My hands are very bad and fingers don't always work right. Have a nice day.

Barb- I am an official representative. 

Now, where did I attack Mr. Moore's weight, and/or mention whether he was a Democrat or Republican?  Some of the commenters did, but I did not.  I can't just erase comments without it being censorship.  I'm happy to drive down to Osgood and check out what the post is doing and write a story about that any time you would like.  But I think you are ascribing to me things that I did not say.  I never once attacked either his weight (I am among the weight challenged of late myself) nor any political party.  In fact, I would argue that Mr. Moore isn't really a representative of any party, since he goes to great pains to attack both parties. 

United we stand, divided we fall! President Lincoln said 'A House divided can not stand', that is a bible verse. Our nation was founded by various sects of Christianity in the colonies. I suppose that it might be said that our founders were 'Right wingers'. If right wingers are Nazis, and left wingers are Communists, what are we? Both the Nazi Party and the Communist Party are socialists and they hated each other to death. So since we started out as an independent people willing to die for freedom under GOD, we ought to continue in that vein. God said "love one another, as I have loved you". Our speech ought to be humble and gracious. God says "Love covers a multitude of sins" so that we can let God's love the insults hurled at us, and we can be UNITED in right speaking, right living, right dying for our fellow countryman. It matters not so much how the politicians are unfaithfull to their duties. It matters how much we are faithful to our duties, eg Medals fo Honor that we all eventually attain by heroic living. God will judge the unfaithful people, it is His right to do that, not ours. It is His world, not ours. It is His creation, and only He can bring redemption and recreation. Live under His protection and His Love, because His end is better than the beginning.

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