Tricare fee increases and military retirement decreases

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Tricare fee increases and military retirement decreases

I’ve been trying to figure out all day how I could get out of posting this.  As certain as the sun rising, it getting colder in winter, and the Patriots beating Buffalo, so is it certain that I will get emails on this one that fall into two almost equal groups.  Half the people will cite my post as evidence that the Legion is in bed with the GOP (we are not), and the other half of my hate mail will claim that this is what we get for supporting a Kenyan Muslim (he’s neither.)  Mind you, these emailers make up less than 1% of all readers, but that doesn’t make it any better when I get deluged.

So, in finest Sgt. Joe Friday “Just the fact’s ma’am” tradition….

First, from The Washington Post:

The deficit reduction plan put forth by President Obama on Monday would increase pharmacy co-payments for military beneficiaries and establish a first-ever annual fee in the military’s Tricare for Life health benefits for Medicare-eligible retirees….

Peter Gaytan, executive director of the American Legion, said that while the veterans organization “fully understands” the fiscal crisis, “we don’t feel targeting the small percentage of Americans who have chose to serve our country is the way to solve it.”

And from Stars and Stripes:

Included in the president’s deficit reduction plan unveiled Monday are plans to re-examine the military retirement system, calling the current 20-year requirement “out of line with most other government or private retirement plans.”

As a reminder, my friend Jonn Lilyea reminds us of what President Obama said about this a month ago.  I recommend you fast-forward to the 18 minute mark and start watching from there.

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If you were there in person or via webcast, not only did the President make the promise not to solve the debt problems on the backs of out veterans, but former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi reiterated President Obama's promise to us as well.  I guess we have returned to the Clinton era of politics.  "How do we know when we are being lied to?  Their lips are moving!"


I thought President Obama was a good speaker and gave a good speech to us at our National Convention.  Now we know that he told us what we wanted to hear and did what he wanted anyway.  It is a sad day for American Politics.

I don't understand how he wants to screw the military who actually risk their lives for this country, but not mess with the politicians. They do nothing but make bad decisions and fill their pockets. Take from them and leave the military alone. This is why so many soldiers want out. We are sick of being screwed. We already do not make enough for what we do and for what we sacrifice. I used to love being in the military until about maybe 3 years ago. I guess it really doesn't matter what I complain about because nothing will change. Politicians and the President will still be rich and have nice homes and people to drive them or fly them where ever. The military will still be poor and worried if their families will be taken care of, and just be told to suck it up and drive on like always.
I am so disappointed with how this country's leaders are treating the military.

I recommend that all 24 million Veterans march on 11/11/11 @ 11:11 AM to protest the cuts to our benefits - local peaceful marches for awareness! Don't let it happen to us!

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