Tim Poe: "It's the truth I truly think is real"...

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Tim Poe: "It's the truth I truly think is real"...

I take that to mean he realizes now that he knows he was lying.  But honestly, I can't even tell from what he is saying here.

Nonetheless, you'll see your not-so-humble blogger in here, albeit they spelled my name wrong.  I'm lucky I even saw it, since when they interviewed me they said it would be on 20/20, and I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch that show only to find out the next morning they had switched me to Nightline.  I was also on World News Tonight.....for about 5 seconds.  As a commenter on my Facebook page said: "Look at the bright side, you have 14:55 of fame left."


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Show of hands, how many people are believing the crying thing?  Do you think he is honestly remorseful about lying (although he claims mental illness) or does this strike you more as a guy unhappy about getting caught at it?

The Stolen Valor case did not come out yesterday, so I am cautiously optimistic that it will come out next Monday around 10am.

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Compulsive liars lie. All. The. Time. Not buying it.

some people will gjo to great lenght's to gain fame. he is a disgrace to his conutry and should be courtmaartilaled or tried for treason

Sure this man could sing but to mislead the public and feed off their feelings is completely wrong. I was in the military during Vietnam but I did not see action while I was in. I believe recognition for those who suffered in the military is well deserved and this man ought to feel ashamed to use it for his benefit. Shame on him. I am glad it was discovered it was a lie before everyone believed this liar. Stop the lies and good luck in the future.

These idiots should be made to stand in front of a PTSD group in any Vet Center in America and explain why they lie about ANYTHING, much less something as verifiable as whether or not you were in combat.

His singing would have stood on it's own, but he had to poison the well with his lies. This is so wrong and stupid. To paraphrase Forest Gump, 'Stupid is as stupid does.'
Crocodile tears, excuses and more lies just compound his guilt. Stolen Valor should be a federal criminal offense.

I have met many such fakers in the wake of the Vietnam War. Some of them truly regretted not going. One could not have been more than four years old when the war ended (either his history or his arithmetic were shaky). Mostly, when I backed them down, I just told them to be thankful they didn't have to go. The difference with this war is that it is still going on. Any one who really wants to go, There's no need to fake.

As was said before. He slapped everyone that served in the Military with honor with his lies All he is is a PX/BX hero looking for people to feel sorry for him. I to was in Vietnam and the military for over 21 years serving with honor while this guy wants everyone to feel sorry for him. There is no 1st amendment issue here. It is simply wrong to steal Valor and try to get away with it. He should be punished for what he did Slapping all Military Service members dead or alive in the face.

What a sad soul . Why some people can't find pride in there own deeds is not easy to answer and I think his claim of mental illness only shows a true lack of character and the true color of a coward .

If it is a crime to impersonate a police officer, doctor, lawyer, or many other professions why is it not a crime to impersonate the professional soldier? To argue that that he somehow has a first amendment right iin calling his lies "free speech" is an insult.

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