Bergdahl swap imminent?

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Bergdahl swap imminent?

I've never heard of "Tolo News" so a HUGE plate of skepticism on this one....

The Pakistani Umat daily reported that three Taliban commanders were recently released from US-run Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

Umat daily said that Mullah Khair Khwa, Mullah Noorullah and Mullah Afzal Akhund have been released.

The report says that the three released commanders have been taken to Qatar and will be returned to Afghanistan in the near future.

This comes as recently Taliban asked US to release all their prisoners from Guantanamo and take them to Qatar.

One American soldier will be released in exchange for the commanders, Umat Daily added.


Again, kind of skeptical, but hopefully we will know something soon.  It's time for Bowe to come home, either way, but I doubt the US has changed it's policy of negotiating things like this.  It didn't work out well for the Isrealis.

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I hope we implanted a gps bug on those 3 dirtbags so we can hit'em with a hellfire "if" we turn them lose.

This does say something perhaps unintended. One American soldier is worth three mullahs?

This does say something perhaps unintended. One American soldier is worth three mullahs?

It doesn't make sense at all.
They fight and negotiate~ fight and negotiate.
Why don't they be at peace?

Brenda from <a href="">gagner une voiture</a> 

Hope no negative incidents that have happened in the past occur to derail an exchange.

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