Iowa State Lecturer: Soldiers “creat[e] anti-American terrorists in the countries they occupy” and don’t deserve carepackages.

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Iowa State Lecturer: Soldiers “creat[e] anti-American terrorists in the countries they occupy” and don’t deserve carepackages.

 [Picture above is me talking to local villagers about their educational and potable water needs.  If my lieutenant sees that picture, I swear this may have been the only time I wore my Red Sox hat outside the wire.  Well, that might be a lie, but I swear I had the helmet somewhere.]

UPDATE: I will be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning at 6:20 to discuss this issue.  Also, he is a "lecturer" not a Professor, and I have altered the title accordingly.  (Thanks to the tip from Mr. Foster below)

Here we go again.

 Thomas Walker, a “lecturer in the intensive English and orientation program” at Iowa State University has gone the way of the Law Professor at Suffolk, and taken issue with attempts to send carepackages to deployed troops.  I really wish it hadn’t been ISU as I have an affinity for the school because that is where my friend Past National Commander Rehbein spent the better part of his working life.  And the reality is that no one school should be culpable for the actions of one individual.  It amounts to a sort of “hecklers veto” where the school gets a black eye for the actions or statements of  a single miscreant, while the good work of so many others is largely ignored.  But so it goes.

Let’s look at what he has to say:

I read in Tuesday's Iowa State Daily that the College Republicans have begun collecting sundries for U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why? Doesn't the U.S. Army victual its soldiers? Don't their families send them yuletide goodies? Aren't GIs paid enough to buy what they need, and even what they want?

Yes, the army “victuals” its troops.  In fact, we got a lovely assortment of MREs whenever we headed out.  A true culinary classic is the spaghetti and meat balls.  The sublime experience of eating pound cake in the pouring rain is enough to bring the owner of even the least discerning palate to tears.  As I read his statement it conjured to mind the famous question of George C. Scott as Scrooge: “Are there no prisons?  No work houses?”

You know why care packages sent from home mean so much?  Is it because we were starving?  Is it because we were too poor to afford our own food?  No, because it meant something.  Sure, I could get heaping portions of food from a Mermite, but when you know that someone cared enough to send food halfway around the world, the food nourishes not only the body, but the soul as well. 

Some folks don’t have families to send them stuff Mr. Walker.  Many of us don’t have an extensive family support mechanism when we deploy.  Which is why groups like Soldiers’ Angels exist, and have mottos that encapsulate that:

May No Soldier Go Unloved

May No Soldier Walk Alone

May No Soldier Be Forgotten

Until They All Come Home


"As Republicans we believe in charity," stated Jeremy Freeman, a member of the College Republicans. Donating toiletries, boxed and canned foods, socks and beanies to U.S. soldiers who can already deodorize themselves, who eat better than the poorest Americans and who are gallantly garbed, is an eleemosynary travesty.

“Gallantly garbed?”  Really?  Are you $#!^^ing me?  Let me tell you about my gallant garb.  My wardrobe was digitzed and mono-chromatic.  Sure, it is trendy among homeless folks you see with cardboard signs, but seldom if ever do I see Giselle Bundchen strutting the catwalk outfitted in a lovely ensemble of digital pattern BDU’s.  And our boots are not the Uggs sold to us by her touchdown munificent husband.  Also, our accessories are indeed functional, if not downright alluring.  Nothing says “I’m ready to party” like a PRC radio, a couple of mortar rounds, and a sleeping bag that hasn’t been washed in months.  Love the use of SAT words though, it just stresses to us uneducated grunts how smart you are, more so (clearly) than I am.  In fact, based only on your consummate grasp of diction, I would move that we set up some form of Oligarchy centered on folks who can use “eleemosynary” properly in a sentence.  In the farrago of human imbecility, typified by the profligate galimatias of useless pontification, you are truly the beacon on the hill.  (There, I also used big words, can I join your club now?)

Necessities should be doled out to people who really need them and who might get them if not for the hundreds of billions of dollars being funneled to the Pentagon in the greatest squandering of money on the planet. If anything, Republicans should sympathize with veterans struggling to find employment, a challenge that may daunt the discharged soldier, who might wish he had reenlisted. Soldiers are to Republicans as fetuses are to them: prized. But once out of the womb-like army, Republican solicitude for hapless veterans goes where extracted zygotes go.

There are many of us who do work to help those veterans, and here at The American Legion we have 2.5 million of them all working to do just that.  Not sure how this became a partisan issue, except for your obvious antipathy towards the group trying to send these packages.  But again, I think this paragraph was meant more to show how smart you are, and less to make an actual point.

"We get to show the troops we still appreciate what they're doing for us," said another College Republican. What are they doing for us? Nothing. But against us they're doing a lot: creating anti-American terrorists in the countries they occupy. Said the same College Republican, "It can't be fun to be away from your family for the holidays. As if American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan had been conscripted? They chose to leave home.

Ah yes, the old saw about how US Troops do nothing but create enemies.  Never mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars that US Troops pour into aiding the citizens of those countries we are in, nor trying to make it so little girls can go to school without fear of being killed.  No, our true legacy is just creating terrorists.  As someone who did in fact volunteer, and who would do so again, I can second the emotion that being away from home on the holidays is (as they say in the infantry) The Suck.  But, when you look at the things you are able to accomplish, it makes it worth while. 

Here for instance is how my unit (3-116 INF, 29 ID Light) once spent a holiday, look at all the little terrorists we were creating….


Why do Republicans care so much about the military? Because the military-industrial complex is dear to their simplistic laissez-faire fantasies: a bottom-line patriotism that excludes the people at the bottom.

I would say that Democrats care about the military as well, and most the Democrats I know (my extensive family for instance) would dispute that supporting the troops is a partisan activity.  Either way, for every one of you that says something asinine like this letter, there are 10 more great Americans who will leap in to fill the void.  So, as they say in the army “lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.”  Frankly, I think you will lead 10 people that wouldn’t be as likely to send a carepackage to do so, and for that I thank you, even if that clearly wasn’t your intent.

Soldiers’ Angels has lists of soldiers, airmen, coasties, marines and sailors who need adopting, because not everyone has someone back home to lift them up when they are feeling down.  The best way to show Thomas Walker just how idiotic he is is to reach out to one of our folks downrange, and ensure they know that they shall not go unloved.

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There are so many moronic repsonses to Mr. Walker's comments. Most people are afraid to make any comment about what they believe, if it sounds unpopular. Hurrah to Mr. Walker for his courage. I am sure the morons will continue their brave bashing.

It cuts me to the core to hear that our men and women in uniform do not deserve care packages. These people deserve more than a care package. They are laying down there lives so we can enjoy our freedom when I see a man or woman in uniform I thank them for serving. If I can, I like to buy them a cup of coffee or more so they know they are valuable. If nothing else they reserve our respect.

I am one of the thousands of military members who gaven this idiot the right to say stupid things. I am and have been in the Navy for 22 years and an Iowan as well, born and raised. I am ashamed that he is currently employed by one of the better universities in Iowa, I would hope that they would send him to the unemployment line. I have spent countless holidays away from friends, family not being ableto be at home, Which I'm sure Mr. Thomas Walker will be at home for the upcoming holidays and has never even thought about being somewhere where he didn't have the option of going home, or even being able to call home. Yes we receive a paychecks and care packages from many others, known and unknown. I want to thank all of those who have and still are sending packages of love to those still fighting the fight at numerous locations around the world.

Here's another moron that needs to be sent to the desert and humped by a camel, and I don't mean the author.




America is called the land of the free for a reason, we are allowed to voice our opinion freely and without fear. Makes no difference if anyone approves of the message. Freedom is for all Americans, not just the ones you like or agree with.

We tend to have way too much anger towards anyone who says something unpopular or who goes against the grain. It's not "anti-American" to say something that most will see as "anti-American".

So before you start wishing ill upon those you disagree with, you must first remember that they are simply exercising their Constitutional right to speak. One of the rights which we, as Veterans, agreed to fight for and if necessary, die for. When we lose our right to free speech, then we will have truly lost our Freedom.

As a Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom Veteran, I enjoyed many care packages sent by family and friends, as well as complete strangers who just wanted to bring a deployed military member a little comfort and good cheer. Heartfelt thanks to all who have done so.

Yes I disagree with him...and yes I am proud to have served 24 years to defend the right of all Americans, even the ones I disagree with, to freely speak their mind.

First and formost we must realize that this lecturer who is against care packages has the right of freedom of speech. I am former Navy and spent 3 tours overseas and I must say that when I received a care package from home, it was like Christmas every time. I would sit back and share these packages with my men and for a few moments we would enjoy some of the small comforts of home. It is apparent that this person has no idea of what it is to be an American Fighting Man or Woman. We join to serve and protect our country, the people of America, and more importantly the Constitution of the United States, which of course gives him this right to have freedom of speech. I respect his freedom of speech no matter how wrong he is or how ignorant he is on this subject. If he doesn't like the war then take it up with our government, not the men and women who are sent to these areas in the world to defend his freedoms. The service men and women serving our country don't pick and choose where they want to go, rather the go where they are ordered no questions asked. This man should remember that the men and women who serve our country sign a contract putting their lives on the line for our and his freedoms. I wonder while he is away on his tours over seas how many packages he receives from home from his loved ones, and when he does I bet he enjoys them very much and appreciates the fact that someone is thinking of him while he is away. I can go on ond on, but the fact of the matter is the man is just ignorant to this situation and where his objections should be directed. He should be thanking these men and women not objecting to their loved ones messages from home.

RE:Thomas Walker
Iowa State University
General FUBAR - "Freedom of Speech"

I am a Vietnam combat veteran (1969-1971) and was in 589th Engineers attached to the 1st Air Cav and 101st Airborne in the Central Highlands out of AnKhe, Pleiku and the "bush" in Kontum province. It makes my skin crawl to read about the "freedom of speech" that Thomas Walker, the lecturer at Iowa State, takes for granted. Does he not know the freedom of speech he exercises comes from the sacrifice of lives, blood, sweat and tears of our military and their families awaiting their return, hopefully, alive and intact from war ?

It is evident that he needs a lesson in the history of the United States of America starting back with Paul Revere up to date. I am grateful he never had to sacrifice his life, limb, blood, sweat, tears or mind for this country in time of war. I wish that for no one.

Mr. Thomas,

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day......Mr. Thomas, what kind of freedom of speech do you want to exercise about the lives lost on December 7th ? In your opinion, did those souls that lost their lives were wounded or had their minds mentally scared for life promote the formation of terrorists ? If this is what you think of the brave souls that serve/served our country in peace or war, then you may need to re-think your assessment of whom is creating unrest and possible future terrorists, by lecturing to young students, whom are to be the future of this country. Take a good long look in the mirror and see the image projected back to you.

You have disheartened our troops, veterans and many people by your "freedom of speech", especially those in harms way at the present time serving in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Thank you” for your magnanimous contribution supporting the people whom preserve the "right" you have to spout out your individual thoughts with no regard to the individuals protecting and preserving your “freedoms”.

I pray that you never have to fight for your life in combat. Been there, done that; I am 61 years old and I have since re-lived the experiences every day of my life One day you may wake up one morning in this country to find out your "freedom of speech" is muffled and other freedoms gone because of people like you in non-support of our troops in harms way. The very people that protect your freedoms.

What you have accomplished, Mr. Thomas, is this: You have walked on the grave every person that has died in combat; slapped the face of each wounded soldier; demeaned each that has served and currently serving in the defense of this country, beginning with the American Revolution to this day, December 8, 2011, the day after the Pearl Harbor attack. Congratulations !!!!!! That my friend is defined as a FUBAR.

CNN gave out your email mail address, phone number and urged people to contact you. Email Phone: 515-294-3568. I assume you must have given it to them, since you being such a grand supporter of our troops and believer in "freedom of speech" we may contact you and express our "freedom of speech" on this subject.

If you are fortunate, Santa will give you C-Rations, LRPs, and MREs for your Christmas dinner. I would personally buy you a one way ticket to the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but I have no cash to spare this year nor any C-Rations, LRPs or MREs to spare this year.

You evidently do not realize the magnitude of the blessing of being free and having your "freedom of speech" and other freedoms, until one day you lose them. Freedom is a very, very expensive thing; priced and weighed in the scale of life; paid for with blood, pain, death and heart felt guilt; not money, not medals nor prizes. Each and every living vet whom has fought in combat has been fighting each and every day since their return home, no matter how long ago that may have been or what war or action they are returning from. The soldiers whom died for your freedoms have no voice nor freedom of speech, they are dead. The fight does not end on the field of battle, but ends only at the end of life itself, when the memories cease to be. We fight each and every day with ourselves in hopes we did the right thing and recalling the memories of those we served with. Always, stand up for what you believe, even though you may have to stand alone !!!! I believe have magnanimous lack of understanding of where and how your freedoms were secured and are protected every day. Freedom is not free Mr. Thomas. Did you sacrifice anything to this country toward the preservation of the freedoms you enjoy today?

When you say the blessing for your Christmas dinner, please include a thank you to God for your C-Rations, LRPs, and MREs AND being able to worship Him in a free society. Please, also, ask that He give special watch over our fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters and friends whom ensures our freedoms.

We all make mistakes, but learning from them and repeating them are two different things. Please considering taking a history course, focusing on the freedoms you claim; what they are; how they were conceived and how they are preserved.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Shame on him. How dare he say don't they get paid enough already. Obviously he has never served. How can you put a price tag on a human life!! They deserve those packages. If not for thier bravery and sacrafice what does he think might happen. Ship him out to Iraq.

And I think of the millions of us who've served our country over the decades to preserve the Freedom of speech so this moronic Iowa State Lecturer can give his warped opinion about something he knows nothing about.

While deployed there was noting better than sharing a care package with my shipmates. Just nothing better! Well maybe coming home... Merry Christmas

@ John Miller :

... I went to college. I also served in Vietnam. His stupidity is only explemplary of many of the idiots who are teaching students today. They need to do a tour of duty. Or better yet, an 8 week boot camp at Camp LeJune!

Apparently you are alluding to the Marine Corps. Mr. Walker wasn't one of the "Few Good Men" the Marine Corps was looking for in the days of Vietnam. They don't have Boot Camp at Camp LeJeune (with 2 "e's"). That was ITR until the New Corps.

What a shameful person. This is totally unreal, talk about Deja Vu. Those of us who are Vietnam and Vietnam Era Veterans remember the total disregard that was shown to us for our service. Are we having a repeat again? The Occupy Wall Street fleabags talk about the "1%. Well, these bozoes like this person and their ilk don't want to accept the other 1% that has fought, died, have been wounded and done their duty in defense of this great nation so that they can enjoy their freedom and their rights. How about a little more respect for those of us that have served out nation!

Is there anyway that these comments can be forwarded to the Pres. of Iowa U to let him know what we think of this scum bag?

this gets me upset as an Army Infantry soldier we depend on the support of the American people I love those who volenteer to send us stuff it boost our moral (Thank you Josie) I leave for Afghanistan tomorrow if you didn't support us I know being away from family living in the sub-standards we are put through whould be almost too much, with friends, family and patriotic Americans who show us they care it carries me through till I get home.

A poster on another site, Anonymous, provided contact information for Mr. Walker at the University:
Anonymous said...
Amen nola juggalo. He is a poor example of a human. People can call his number to express themself to him. His number is 515-294-3568 which they posted on Fox News.

I immediately called this number and spoke with a VERY nice and understanding lady who took down my message for Mr. Walker. I encourage everyone to call this number, be polite but firm (she'll write it down). Yes, I'm a republican and I have a very large heart for the men & women who volunteer to provide protection for those who cannot defend themselves; the vast majority of Americans, the Afghani people, the Iraqi people, the Kuwaiti, the French, South Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, etc for the past 250 years! When Mr. Walker insulted our military men and women, he insulted me.

It is very evident that Mr. Walker has never served his country or his fellow man. Until he has walked in our shoes and seen what we see, he will never know the true meaning of freedom. Yes, many have given the ultimate sacrifice that allows an idiot like him to say what he said. However, many have also given the ultimate sacrifice for him to have freedom of choice. Therefore, I recommend that Mr. Walker exercise that freedom and leave this country and find a suitable place elsewhere to live.

Yeah, well, we've all heard this kind of BS before. This jerk doesn't even appreciate the fact that our troops will continue to protect his right to say whatever silly-assed thing he wants, regardless of his opinion of them. He's out of step with 99% of his countrymen. What a sad,sorry person.

Clearyly this college lecturer has not been educated, and definitely has never experienced the luxuriousness of living in a war zone! Forty years ago my "Uncle Sam" provided me with a luxurious "garage" with a corrogated steel roof to live in with 23 other soldiers. Now for our safety the outside of this garage was piled 42" high with sand bags interspersed with 55 gallon drums full of sand to protect us from mortar attacks. There were no "lush and maincured lawns" cared for my a landscaping company, just lots of "red mud" during the monsoon season. There was no indoor plumbing, just a "4 seater" about 50 yards away from the back of our "Hooch," as we affectionately called our "domicile." And, of course, at least once a day someone was assigned to "sanitation duty" which meant that the bottom 1/3 of a 55 gallon drum underneath the "seat" had to be replaced and taken out to the bunker line, filled with diesel fuel, and the contents "burned until sanitary!"

If water couldn't be trucked in we didn't have any and neither did the cooks in the mess halls! I won't list any more of the "luxuries" we had, but you get the picture. Now, although I don't have first hand knowledge of living conditions in Afghanistan for our troops, from what I see on TV that they don't have it as good as I had it for the 365 days I lived in the middle of a field in the "lap of luxury." So I, for one, do not begrudge our men serving in Aghanistan a care package!

All hail the mighty quonset Hut "hooch"!!!

What a joke this jerk is. He is probably unsatisfied with his life. He is obviously unemployable and most likely an embarrassment to his family.

I would like to hear the professor's comments when his way of life is effected and he has no one who will fight for it.

This lecturer has shown the world what a maggot he is. You are educated and still ignorant. I hope you get terminated from your job. We do not need the likes of you polluting our countries young minds. I remember eating Moms home made fudge and frosted christmas cookies in close to 85 degrees in the Med sea. i belive we got them in late january 1984. Everyone shared and shared alike on that LCU-1654. Also we were still using old C-rats and transitioning to MRE's at that time. since the LCU is a self sustaining vessel, the Marines got the MRE's. Go Assault Craft Unit Two!!! Mr. lecturer, please move your unpatriotic maggot brain to another country. You are not wanted here!!!

This professor just shows what a lot of our colleges teaches our young people today. We all should be very proud of our military & support them. America is only as strong as our military is and I am afraid that with people like him and our current White House residents that our military is going to suffer. I am the mother of a former veteran and I am very proud of my son's service to our country.

Mr. Walker’s remarks show an incredible lack of judgment for a person in his position, (one I hope he will lose very soon). As the father of a solder, (who flies in a MEDEVAC helicopter in Afghanistan), and retired Navy Veteran, I find his closed minded, insensitive and inapprehensible comments extremely insulting to all of our service members who have volunteered their lives for this country.

As a Veteran of Afghanistan I can say from first hand experience that the packages I received were greatly appreciated. I have a wife and family who care deeply for me but the packages they sent sometimes were help up for a month due to how well the mail works in combat zones sometimes. The Raman and toiletries cards and well wishes came at a time when I needed reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Those packages really helped me to realize that there were Americans who appreciated what we were doing.

SFC Frank White Retired
FOB Tyvce, Deh Rawood

This guy has no clue. Doesn't he know that there are more than a few of our military who are so well paid they have to go on food stamps? That those who defend his rights to blow off his pie hole, are ensconsed in plywood shacks, liberally decorated with sand bags to protect them from those "angels of mercy". A typical liberal who knows more than you and I, and how we should spend our money. As typical we should give to those who do not contribute positively to society, not to those who are willing to give their lives so idiots like this malcontent can blabber on.

Every dad's worst nightmare, your daughter bringing home a chickenshit wordsmith like Walker.

Walker is a shining example of what a man is not. Sleep tight Asshole Walker my Marine has your back.

Other than Mr. Walker's excellent alliteration, "Gallantly Garbed", what he is stating is an opinion and definitely not a fact. Where are his references to back up his statements? Other than his own blustery ego he cannot back up what he says. If he is so concerned about homeless veterans than maybe he should volunteer at a homeless shelter himself? He shouldn't interfere with the kindness of others. He may be entitled to free speech but he comes across as a disgusting human being. Iowa State can save money by not having this oxygen thief speak...

As a Gulf War Vet I am very angry at hearing garbage like this. He's just a Liberal Arts Major (Translated couldn't decide what to do with his life) Care packages from home helps keep morale high by showing someone cares about are service men and women. To all my brothers and sisters in arms overseas have a very joyful Holiday season. Remember you have people here in the states who care and wish you well

his diatribe or the fact that he couches it in words that are not the components of everyday common SPOKEN English. His ignorance of the human spirit and the concepts of kindness and compassion blares with every overdone word of his diatribe. I'm not sure if he is speaking to us or to his mirror. To this prime contributor of American education, I say this: don't want to give to the care package effort, don't. I don't believe anyone has any use for your narcissistic venom anyways (Do I get a point for that one?). If you are so brilliant, get off you academic laurels and go educate the Congress and the folks over there is to the ills and to the errors of their ways. I'm sure when the mortors start falling, they will be more than happy to make room for you, a "brilliant" academician, in their little bunkers. A lot of the people going over are little more than kids themselves and a care package from home goes a long way on a darl lonely night. So safe, so comfortable, so gutless in the ivory towers in Iowa - a long way from where American blood has been spilled.

As a multi-war, numerous deployment retired after 34 years of faithful service Marine I'll say.....screw that ass-bag.

Isn't it great to live in the greatest country in the world where so many have protected that goof-balls right to open his pie hole and spew his vomitus vile liberal crap out for us all to hear?

If he thinks mother Russia, Korea, Iran or China would treat him any better for his enlightened feelings, I'll help him pack his trash.

Egomania seems to be the word of the day. When I read these remarks, I am constantly reminded of the anti-war/anti-Viet Nam rhetoric that was rampantly spewed onto the troops who were "conscripted" into military service in the '60's -- It sickened me then and sickens me now.
I am a dyed-in-the-wool Patriot thoroughly enamored by our Country, our Constitution, our Flag, our National Anthem, our God-based Christain Heritage, parades, honor ceremonies, and Veterans who weeps when Old Glory passes and when I hear our National Anthem, whose tears flow when even veterans refuse to honor our flag on parade. I was raised during WWII and spent much of my pre-school life in darkened rooms with shades pulled in obedience to National Air Raid Regulations. Two uncles spent much time in the ETO (European Theater of Operations), one on Gen Eisenhower's staff, the other an aircraft mechanic near Anzio; both had near-death experiences. A third uncle had pneumonia and was prevented being in his unit that was wiped out in the spearhead action on Guadalcanal. I have friends who served in WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan -- all affected in ways that cannot be reconciled. I sent young men into Viat Nam's South China Sea whoreturned wounded or from POW status and some whose remains returned home to such loving remarks as, "He got what he deserved!" "He never should have joined." "So what if he's a vet....Give a #$%^&! I could care less!" "Now he'll be a tax burden living off of the taxes the %^&* government steals from me!"
Our son is an Army Chaplain. Served with no weapons in Afghanistan twice, Iraq once, and Germany coordinating Chaplain Corps movements and assignments. He served in such enjoyable capacities as councellor and comforter of troops left behind by comrades killed in action, performed memorial services purposely designed to prepare troops to return to battle, narrowly escaped "fireworks" of IED's and RPG's.
Care packages are vital, but the most vital need is our prayerful support -- even after the standdowns. Families and returning wounded (physically and psychologically) need our care more now that ever before. Visit any VA facility, any area that serves returning troops, any community center that supports them and their families. Give what you can -- a loving touch, a hug, a meal, a winter garment, -- all will be welcomed.
Offered in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I am appalled that they even printed this trash the lecturer spewed.
WE give morons like this the freedom to make complete azzes of themselves, but for this lecture he gets an F and deserves an azz kicking by a group of deployed Marines, hoo-rahhhh.
God Bless and protect our men and women in uniform.

Right-on Richard! No other words are needed to capture the essence of 'ALL' the comments made towards Walker's stance, and actions that a few Marine's or other service members should take towards him [daily]!

He should join Jane Fonder and move out of this country. Not supporting our troops is a form of Treason in my mind

As if religious fundamentalist fanatics who are terrorists can be created by the soldiers of another country. Puhleze! And academia actually pays for morons like these to "travel the circuit" spewing their "hate speech." Yep. I said it. Where's the local and federal government "watch dogs" when a "too dumb to be stupid" uninformed jerk like this spouts what would, directed to any other segment of our American society, be cause for immediate arrest?

Why do we give student loans and grants and then hire such Anti-American idiots that seem to pervade upper education these days. Are serious threats are not our enemies from without, but these enemies from within that are destroying our country. We need a military strategy and force to deal with them!

The terrorist supporters in academia always love to hide behind the first amendment, but if we would simply promote that same first amendment and make it our responsibility, not just a right to hide behind, we could win the hearts and minds that these cowards wish to prey upon. All students at this institution should insure that this teacher's remarks and thoughts are known, before each and every class, by every student and parent. The school can support the student's first amendment rights to call out a douche bag, the same as they support the douche bag right to say very dumb things as well. After he has to answer intelligent and probing questions every hour of every day, perhaps he will reconsider his career choice and choose a better fit for his personality, such as unemployment or professional occupy entitlement whinner.

Historical facts show a part of the communist agenda since th 1950s, is to destroy us from within, partly by infiltrating our educational system with people who support their ideology. If anyone thinks that communism is dead, you better think again!

If I had the power or authority I would enforce Retro activebirth control on this guy.

I'm quoting from a paragraph near the end of of this artical. "The best way to show Thomas Walker just how idiotic he is, is to reach out..." And share the artical with others!!. BTW-I know that the stupidity of Walker is not even close to Iowan's culture and it's many people that continue to help feed our people and protect the basic, solid values that makes America strong and proud!

It's "care packages"--2 words. Not "carepackages."

I myself am an Iraqi Freedom veteran. I was there from 2004 - 2005. I'm a Republican who looked forward to those care packages. People who never put their lives or asses on the line for other people they didn't know WILL never understand the meaning of care packages. Those care packages were like an arm extending from home. My American Legion Post also sent me care packages with cards from the local school kids. Those packages made you realize your efforts and time spent away from loved ones WAS NOT IN VAIN. If you look back in history when this country was at war people would line up to serve this country without reservation. Now it's hard to get people to serve this country. I had fellow soldiers serve with me who had no families BECAUSE they were serving in the military. Even their parents disowned them, and those soldiers I shared my care packages with. People don't realize those packages tell soldiers, " YOU'RE NOT FORGOTTEN AND YOU'RE LOVED. " Care packages were sent to soldiers during the Civil War, both World Wars, and Vietnam. The thought of not sending packages to soldiers back then NEVER popped in anybody's mind. In my opinion the people whining about sending care packages are simply JEALOUS that they're not the ones receiving them because they ain't got the guts or balls to serve. They think they deserve the rights and privleges they have because they were born. IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO FIGHT AND EARN YOUR RIGHTS YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY.

My mom was active duty Air Force when I was younger (16 now) and I know that when she was gone I enjoyed recieving her letters; it gave me peace to know that she was ok. I stayed with my grandparents and we sent care packages over to the Middle East; this made me feel closer to my mom and I could only image the smile on her face. I am in high school and throughout the year we have fund raisers to help the community and support our troops. Thank God she made it home safe, unfortunetly she has service connected MS. Freedom IS NOT FREE!!!

I am a former Navy diver from the Koren war and would like to get together with some other former divers in my area for coffee and exchange of events we have experienced. My contact info is as follows. Phone no. 401 597 0429. I would appreciate any help available. Thank you.

I am a former Navy diver from the Koren war and would like to get together with some other former divers in my area for coffee and exchange of events we have experienced. My contact info is as follows. Phone no. 401 597 0429. I would appreciate any help available. Thank you.


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