WWI War Memorial Fight

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WWI War Memorial Fight

Great article from Andrea Stone writing at Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON -- A Michigan filmmaker and the daughter of Frank Buckles, who was the last surviving American veteran of World War I, fired the latest salvo Friday in their battle to turn a monument to fallen District of Columbia troops into a national memorial: They released a 12-minute video pushing the project.

"Frank Buckles' cause has been taken up by the 'new lobbyist' of the 21st century -- the powerful combination of film, social media and a small board of directors," said David DeJonge, a Grand Rapids, Mich., documentary maker, in a statement. Dejonge has teamed with Susannah Buckles Flanagan to fulfill what they say were the wishes of her father when he died last year at age 110.

The video posted on the website of DeJonge's group, the National WWI Memorial Foundation, is part of a larger documentary planned on Buckles called "Pershing's Last Patriot." The current segment is titled "938" after a stalled House bill that would designate the D.C. War Memorial as the "District of Columbia and National World War I Memorial."

The film clip seeks to gloss over heavy opposition from District residents and elected officials to adding other elements around the memorial, which lists the names of 499 local service members who died in the war and were among more than 26,000 D.C. residents to serve. It recounts Buckles' visit to the once dilapidated monument and his wish to see it restored and dedicated to all veterans who served in what was once known as the Great War.


I'll have the video at the end, but I did want to include the Resolution that The American Legion has on this issue:

WHEREAS, The United States joined its European allies in 1917 to help defeat Germany and its allies in the first World War which, after cessation of hostilities, was referred to as the Great War or the War to End all Wars; and

WHEREAS, The United States mobilized over 4,700,000 Armed Forces personnel for that war and lost 116,516 killed in action or died from other causes as well as 204,002 wounded; and

WHEREAS, There is no National World War I Memorial which was ever authorized by Congressional action, although private citizens and other states raised funds for the design, construction and dedication of World War I memorials, stadiums and museums; and...

WHEREAS, The last living World War I veteran, Mr. Frank Buckles of West Virginia, aroused the interest of Congress to have a National World War Memorial on the Mall to honor all veterans of the Great Wars, not just DC soldiers killed in Europe; and

WHEREAS, The World War I Memorial Foundation was established in August 2006 as a private nonprofit organization to raise funds for the rededication and an additional enhancement of the World War I Memorial on the Mall as a National and District of Columbia World War I Memorial; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the National Executive Committee of The American Legion in regular meetings assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana, on October 13-14, 2010, That The American Legion support the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri as the National WWI Memorial and Museum and the District of Columbia World War I Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC as the District of Columbia and National World War I Memorial without financial obligation to The American Legion.


The National WWI Memorial Foundation can be found by clicking HERE if you wish to help out.

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Yes, the D.C. War Memorial should be supported as the District of Columbia and National World War I Memorial as Frank Buckles wished. Huzzah to David DeJonge and Ms. Flanagan for their untiring

I must say also that the American Legion should have put more pressure on Congress (Reid & Boehner)
to allow Cpl Frank Buckles to repose in the Capital rotunda after his death last year. Their refusal was a slap in the fact to all US veterans.

I believe the WW1 Memorial and Museum located in Kansas City, MO is superb and should be the only one. If you have not been there, then I suggest you check it out. It is awesome!

The only time I was ever in Kansas City was on an early morning arrival of the Santa Fe's Super Chief in the below zero winter of 1971, deep down in the caverns of Kansas City Union Station, and never knew a WW1 memorial existed right out front of the stations front doors. For the past several years the KC symphonic orchestra has been performing patriotic music in front of KC Union Station on the Fourth of July, with the towering WW1 Eternal Flame Memorial silhouetted by the fireworks and televised by C-Span. The presentation is just as good as C-Spans Capitol Fourth Celebration. Kansas City has not forgot.

The National WW1 Memorial is located in Kansas City. Just across the street from Union Station. Both the Memorial and Union Station have undergone extensive remodeling and refurbishment. From what the KC news outlets have to say - the WW1 Memorial really outstanding!

I live in the suburbs of Kansas City, MO and work in Kansas City. They are currently still renovating the memorial. They are working on the Liberty Memorial, all of the surrounding structures, and also performing major landscaping. As a veteran of the U.S. Army who can trace my family's military involvement from the Revolutionary War down to my brother and I serving for Operation Desert Storm, it does me proud to see the work being performed.

There should be a WW1 Memorial in washington DC, I also e-mailed my local senator and congressman as to support a Cold War Service Medal, but only Ohio Senator Brown
responded back towards consideration. It seems like the War on Global Terrorism has
priority over WWI at this time. I still enjoy shooting my 1917 Eddiestone though.
It's been 20 yrs since the end of the Gulf War, perhaps we can afford a WW1 and Gulf War Memorial when we pull out of Afghanistan?

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