Brotherhood, bone marrow and a big pay day...

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Brotherhood, bone marrow and a big pay day...

I love this story.

Marine who hit the jackpot on a penny slot in Las Vegas attributes his win to karma for donating bone marrow to someone in need.

"They asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with it, because it's kind of painful, but what's a little pain if it will save someone's life?" Cpl. Alexander Degenhardt said, the Las Vegas Sun reported Sunday. "I look at this as kind of good karma for that."

Degenhardt won $2.8 million on the Money Vault Millionaires Seven slot at the Bellagio on Feb. 19, the Sun reported.

According to another story, the guy is planning on staying in the Marine Corps, which is awesome, because we always need a few good men and women like him.  And unlike a majority of athletes and others suddenly flush with disposable income, it doesn't seem to have effected him much...

Degenhardt, who will receive about $100,000 a year over 20 years, said he plans to first help his pregnant sister and his mother catch up on bills.

He decided to buy some clothes after the jackpot – at a thrift store, where he buys all of his clothes. He said he won't part with his car that has rolled up some 250,000 miles, either.

"I plan to keep driving it until I can't anymore," he told the Sun. "No sense in wasting money. I'm really pretty thrifty."

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Looks like him to me

Good on this young marine tho

Way to go marine Gung Ho

I wonder if he will stay in? My son, who just got out of the Marines in December, said that if someone hit a big lottery/jackpot like that, they would be discharged because they are automatically a liability to the corps. I hope he can stay in. He is what a real Marine is all about.

We need you in Washington to handle our Tax money .Would be nice to have someone who knew how.

God Bless and Gods speed, corporal!!!

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