The PTSD made them do it....

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The PTSD made them do it....

Two stories that are unrelated to each other in facts, but PTSD is to be blamed in both apparently.


OK, so PTSD made him scam people out of thousands of dollars? What other symptoms of PTSD are there? Possibly the PTSD made this guy pretend he had PTSD?

 A Houston-area man has quit as a post-traumatic stress counselor for veterans after records do not back his claim of earning numerous war medals.

Paul Arthur Schroeder of The Woodlands apologized Wednesday and resigned from the PTSD Foundation of America.

Schroeder presented himself as a former Special Forces sergeant who earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and other honors. He claimed to have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Central and South America.

Military personnel records at Fort Knox, Ky., do not indicate that Schroeder deployed overseas or earned the honors. He was a military police officer at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

In fact this guy had even been profiled in an earlier story on coping with PTSD:

It is honestly getting to the point where you need to check a DD214 for every claim. If the Supreme Court doesn't uphold the Stolen Valor Act, there will be no legal recourse to take against these guys.

People who actually suffer from PTSD are hurt again by clowns who are pretending to have it to get out of legal problems. This needs to be addressed.

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One Real Estate scam artist and a Stolen Valor liar; it's not PTSD these jerks have, it's NMC (no moral compass) a congenital, not military, disease. Both of these individuals deserve to be in jail and for much more than 180 days.

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