Our Southern Border, and the men and women who protect it

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Our Southern Border, and the men and women who protect it

Have another great video from the NRA's Patriot Files, and an article that segues nicely with it.  We'll start with the article from Washington Post which looks at National Guard Deployments to the border, and whether they were successful:

President Obama’s decision last year to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border may have been smart politics, but a growing number of skeptics say the deployment is an expensive and inefficient mission that has made little difference in homeland security.

Critics of the deployment include budget hawks, who say it is a waste of money, and residents here along the border, who say they are tired of seeing armed troops in their back yard.

Most of the criticism of the deployment focuses on its costs and benefits. The 1,200 National Guard troops have helped Border Patrol agents apprehend 25,514 illegal immigrants at a cost of $160 million — or $6,271 for each person caught.

“As a mayor, I am not going to say we don’t want more security. But as a taxpayer? I would say something different,” said John David Franz, mayor of Hidalgo, in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley.

Proponents of the mission stress that the guardsmen serve as a deterrent to drug smugglers and illegal immigrants — a role that is impossible to measure in dollars.

Naturally it would be tough to do a cost benefit analysis on this because some of the benefits of the patrols can't be measured, that certainly makes sense. None the less, that pricetag is a bit scary. I still prefer some border patrol, and increased attempts to dissuade folks from coming here, but alas the courts have almost universally struck down all efforts to remove the social net that lures people here. But, there is no accounting for the bravery of the folks who work there, as is made clear in this video:

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Its good someone is looking out for us .It sure wont be the politicions who work for the corporate rich that want cheap help at the expense of our country.e

One: Prohibition failed bloodily and miserably in the 1920’s-30’s. It’s failing bloodily and miserably now - and in all of world history prohibition has never worked, even at unconscionable cost in blood, treasure, and domestic tranquility. Legalize marijuana and let US citizens grow their own - untaxed (keep the politicians hands off of yet more of money that they spend on protecting and enabling their crony capitalist puppeteers).

Two: Bring our troops home from Afghanistan & Iraq; bring them home from Germany and South Korea, bring them home from every place on earth that is not US soil - let Germans and South Koreans and the citizens of other foreign nations defend their countries on their Euro or Mark or Won or what have you.

Three: Deploy our army, Marines, and air force along the southern border, deploy our Navy and Coast Guard along the Mexican littorals and the southern US littorals with the single objective of defending our border against incursion and invasion by any and all foreigners. End illegal immigration - end the massive, costly invasion of our sovereign republic.

Four: Interpret the Fourteenth Amendment correctly: no more anchor babies. Make it illegal for federal, state, and local US governments to grant drivers’ licenses, housing, education, funds, food stamps, employment, and any other right or privilege of US citizens or of foreigners here legally.

Five: Repeal NAFTA. No American wanted or voted for this treaty which does nothing more than furnish a pathway for Mexican lawlessness to enter and establish itself on our soil and among us, and makes it easy for US firms and politicians to become corrupted by money from corrupt Mexican corporations and politicians.

Failure to do all of the above will only increase the present problem of border insecurity and only increase the massive sums US taxpayers spend on the wrongheaded, costly, destructive "war on drugs" (which, when you think about it, makes as much nonsense as the "war on terror").

This video is accurate and the Government has my total support in any amount of money needed to completely protect our Borders. As far as our troops being in foreign countries....let the troops alone comment on this, not we who do not serve.

We need at least 100k troops on the southern border. Sooner better than later

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