Why are they teaching this in our schools?

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Iwo McD What happened to reading, writing and arithmatic? When I first got an email on this yesterday, I got all kinds of fired up. (more on that later) Now, like my good friend Uncle Jimbo, I have adopted a more resigned view of it all. All of the milblogs are alight with the discussion, from the incomparable Chuck Z, to CJ at Soldier's Perspective to the aforementioned madman of the Special Forces, Jimbo. We'll go with Chuck's account of the issue, because his is (somewhat shockingly) the more sober of the analysis.
These days, the teachers at Langley High School in McLean, Virginia are teaching an interesting view of the Great Depression 1929-1940. First, they combine English classes and with History, to make the lessons match up. That way the students can be learn how to diagram sentences like "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs," and the teachers can do 50% of the work to prepare for class. However, one of the teachers had a bone to pick--with evil, corporate America. This teacher may have had a date at a weekend Michael Moore/Morgan Spurlock "Film" festival, or may just have not understood that Ray A. Kroc established the McDonalds Franchise in 1955, or that Iwo Jima was a battle fought in the Pacific during the Second World War (1939-1945), but she chose to pass around the [picture above] to make her point. Now, it's bad enough that the average high school student is almost intelligent enough to breathe without cue cards, but deliberately confusing them about the reasons for a) the great depression b) the sacrifices made to mount a flag on Mt. Suribachi c) what McDonalds has actually done for America and the world, d) that corporations fought WWII e) that Mt. Suribachi is populated with muslims...
Now, the picture obviously set me off for starters, but more so a few other ancillary and personal ties to this. For one, until last year, I actually lived within the Fairfax County Public School system. For another, I have some friends of mine who are golfing buddies who teach in that same district. But, most importantly for me, the best soldier I ever served besides used to be an Assistant Principle in the FCPS. He served as an Infantryman under me at one point, and was phenomenal across the board, Marksmanship, Land Navigation, etc, he was at the top. So in 2000 when he came to me to let me know that he wanted to rebranch as a Medic, I nearly begged him not to change MOS. He was simply too good a grunt to waste him on being a medic. I am frequently wrong on many things, but never as wrong as I was in trying to talk him out of that one, he turned out to be the best medic anyone could possibly have hoped to deploy to Afghanistan with. Anyway, this REALLY brings discredit on the FCPS, which by most accounts is one of the best systems in the country. And this is just so......dumb. I mean, really, really dumb. I always learned best from teachers that I vigorously disagreed with, but this doesn't feel like someone playing Devil's Advocate, it sounds more like trying to brainwash the kids into thinking that is why we are there. How about we give them a little credit, talk about what we are doing there and let them make up their own minds. They're smart enough. What makes this so atrocious is that Northern Virginia is HEAVILY populated with veterans of WWII and all our other engagements. Note to FCPS: Why not call Major Norman Hatch, USMC (Ret.) and have him come talk to the kids?
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I am assuming you're referring to Purple Haze as our erstwhile Principal, and yes-he's an awesome guy. I wouldn't consider being a Medic a "waste" per se ;)

Anyway-re: the other thing. FCPS is pretty much out of line on this. It's interesting that it's coming out of Langley, which is probably oneof the wealthiest public schools in the entire country-maybe the teachers feel like they have to counter the corrupting influence of all those doctors' and lawyers' kids, who knows?

I think it's a slap in the face to those who have fought and died, and those who fought and survived, to use their image like this. There's a great segment of Neil Stephenson's fantastic book-Cryptonomicon-revolving around a massive collegiate summit on War as Text or some other BS like that in which a war weary GI's photo is photmanipulated to include lipstick and a pink bra strap or something, and the subsequent fall out over the thing ultimately leads to tracking down the guy in the photo. He's basically just living out his life in the country somewhere, fixing houses for those in the community who can't afforded, and says that he couldn't care two figs...he's got work to do.

It's a shame this had to happen in FCPS. I went through there from K-8 before my parents moved me to Catholic school, and it wasn't anywhere near that nuts then.

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I am really disappointed with the actions of this teacher, as if it isn't bad enough that the US monopolized public school systems are rated well below our European an Asian competitors, now teachers are stooping to indoctrinating students in H.S. to hate their own country? I am at a loss, how someone could use such a distasteful photo shopped picture of one of the most tragic victories the US Marines won during WWII is beyond me. I am a 31 year old US Army veteran, and son of a 36 year US Air Force veteran, so this type of disrespect and contempt by a person that most likely never served is disheartening to say the least. Don’t get me wrong I am a proponent of free speech; it’s one of the freedoms we all swore to defend, but the personal opinions of a person collecting a check from our tax dollars doesn’t belong in a classroom where kids should be learning facts and not opinions and degrading fallacies.

I understand one teacher in the CT school system has the children write an essay om the subject of --"Why is was wrong to drop the A-Bomb on Japan"
Is that whatr we are teaching??

It looks like the middle east sneaked one in on us. It May be McDonald's Logo, but the writing does not appear to be English. The two blank line above did not clarify what you are asking for.

It looks like the middle east sneaked one in on us. It May be McDonald’s Logo, but the writing does not appear to be English. The two blank line above did not clarify what you are asking for.

Teachers today are using drugs with students, having sex with students and watching child porn. They would never do this when I was growing up, teachers then did not express personal views and their personal lives were above normal citizens . In Florida, teachers and staff do not have random drug testing, only on hire time and can be observed going wild in bars and the beach.. Maybe random testing would stop some of these things happening . Now we have to deal with liberal teachers and their ideas and they have no love for the people who serve our country, and the Police Officers who protect them, giving them the freedom they enjoy .

As both a retired Army veteran and a Los Angeles School District Teacher, I can state the following: (1) For the most part, Teachers will not be influenced by the truth. (2) They have no problem wasting a tax payers money. (3) Refuse to held accountable for school equipment and their liberalized education techniques. (4) Shudder at the notion of teaching English in the classroom (remember, they get extra money teaching "ESL" classes) (5) They actually believe that they can fool all of the people, all of the time. (IE, going on strike for the students.) It's the pay their really trying protect.

I cannot image any pertinent conversation to accompany this graphic making it fit for an educational venue. I cannot fathom any creditable lesson associated with instructing young Americans that would motivate an educator to present this in a classroom. Further -I suspect the (teacher??) who is responsible for this does not understand it either. Beating the hell out of the establishment is easier than teaching and makes the kids like you better. Having spent 36 years in uniform or working for DoD - What I do understand is responsibility. People do this kind of stuff when they are comfortable no one will call them to task for it. This teacher/School System should be instructed regarding his/her/their responsibility to education students rather than entertain them with popular tripe. I don’t care what a teachers political views are, they should be left at the door. People expect their children to be educated with the facts, not indoctrinated with sly innuendo, dubious opinion, and radical crap.

The idea of transposing (if that is the word) of the Marines raising the Flag over Iwo Jima is disgusting. As the son of a USMCR (W), the son of an Army veteran, the step son of an Army veteran and the grandson of an USAAF Major, all during the Second World War, I grew up with military history. One of the proudest photos that my mother showed me was of her in uniform in WW II and told me about the history of the Marines - I guess hoping I would join. It took me several years but I was accepted into the Air Force in 1971 and I retired in 1993 thinking that that one photo of a brave act was what our nation was about. Now we have a teacher that has made those heroes be shown raising the "golden arches" in Arabic (I guess)no less. What has gone wrong with our teaching standards today?

I am a substitute teacher with our local elementary, middle and high schools and the students know I was in the service and they all ask about it. I tell them and then I finish by saying, "No matter what you do in life, your education, taught correctly is the most important thing you will ever do. Learn it well". Someone needs to take this teacher out behind the wood shed! (Maybe an active Master Gunnery Sergeant?

What do you expect from a law called No Child Left Behind. The reality is Every Child id Left Behind. You think the possible repeal of DADT is bad. Think about how you were taught in school and what the kids get now. Thank you Dubyah for f---ing over the whole education system. I'm so glad my sons have both graduated and I don't have grandchildren yet. You can bet my grand kids will spend lots of time with me and they will know the true stories of Iwo Jima and all of the epic battles since the founding of our great nation.

I urge you, do not rely on the education system, talk to your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews. Don't just go to the Legion Hall, call your local school and offer to speak about the wars you were in. It's the one true way of combating STUPIDITY and it cost you nothing but some time and maybe some gas to drive to the school. What have you got to lose?

300 hd. yrs. we came to new amsterdam from holland we have fought in every war we have had. on both sides in the civil war. my dad died from being hurt in ww1.had 3 older brothers in ww2. one was in the merchent marin. was sunk 6 time going to mermanse. came home after war an was dritfed to the arme they said his time in merghent marin did not counte.i an my younger brother were in navy korea 49to54. have grandsons in army now 3 of them. my god father was pow in ww2 was in the death march was sent japan an then korea to work ia steel mill. was betean half to death for welding water line up plug it in about 20 places. his back looked like washboard of scares. his son was in merine corp. nom. did 4 tours. they told his dad he was missing ackshone presumed dead. three months later he called his dad from hosbital camp pendelton. freked him out. the young people now have had it so dam easy. most of them have never had to work for any thing. had to sons in navy subs. between nom an arack. seams tome all they teach in school anymore fun an games. jdf.

You know being a Marine I take serious offense to the (expletives) that disgraced that photo. If they are going to teach history in our schools get off the left, socialistic crap and actually teach the history that got us here. I can't say I disagree with No Child left behind concept BUT the planning and action was a total FLUSTER CLUCK. Not going to get into to total rant because there is too much HISTORY PRIDE and HONOR for these NUT JOBS that are screwing our history up to understand.



Did you bother to ask the teacher the purpose of the picture? A simple phone call could have cleared up your questions rather than relying on what someone said someone said. Perhaps it was a lesson on how people can change the message of a picture by photoshopping something and so you shouldn't believe everything you see. Or a lesson on how you can influence people with pictures. If you get the facts before you start maligning people, you can save yourself and them a lot of grief.

Also, matching up English and History does not make anyone's life easier except the students who, if they bother to try in class, will get a better understanding of the books they read in English because they'll see the context of what they're reading in History.

Janet- YEs. THe very first thing I did was send an email to the address listed as a contact, alas, the school was on spring break, and I did not hear back. Now, others have, so not sure why mine wasn't responded to and others were.

Frank Lewis is correct about too many teacher's attitudes. But, Frank, I hope you are teaching wood shop & not English. Too many grammatical errors in your comments. :>) (Frank, as a "bubblehead who has been abused by you Army types for years, I just had to get that in the mix.) I have a granddaughter who is teaching history & French in a school for troubled girls. She lived in France for 18 months & speaks just like a native according to a retired college prof who taught French for 35 years in the Ivy League. What passes for knowledge of history is never more saddening than when watching Jay Leno's "Jay Walk'n" segments. The sad thing is that there doesn't seem to be any embarrassment for being so ignorant about the subject. (Of course, if you don't know because you kept getting your participation trophy, it is a bit much to expect of them.) I also know from quizzing my granddaughter that I'm glad she puts more time in teaching French! I finally have her reading books about the Founding Fathers that are based on records rather than opinions. Hope to get her up to speed.
Each time I go to a SubVet's meeting with the WWII guys, I am more humbled to realize their efforts to keep us a free country. As many of my older friends from that era are now passing away, I try to spend more time with them to develop a deeper understanding of what they went through. Too all my brothers in arms, I salute you. I also ask you to become voices for the great history of our country - & don't leave out the warts. When you hear about our being a bunch of imperialists, show them the pictures of all the land we claimed after WWII - the military cemeteries throughout Europe & the Pacific. Some local AL posts provide speakers around Veteran's Day, Memorial Day to their local schools. See if you can get involved by going in and being part of the program. You can do more to show the students what the military has done for this country than any non-vet can - comes under the heading of "Been there, done that!" If any of you live in the FCSD, may I suggest you take a large poster of that picture to the next school board meeting & ask what they plan to do about that. It isn't a matter of free speech as many pointed out, it is a matter of too much opinion/indoctrination.

The Old Submariner, STCM (SS), USN, Ret. (1954-1974)

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