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The Commander has issued a statement on the Healthcare passage from last night.
The American Legion: “We are 100 percent committed to ensuring that veterans and their families are protected” WASHINGTON (March 22, 2010) -- “I have been assured personally by the President, Secretary of Defense, VA Secretary, Speaker of the House, Majority Leaders, and numerous other Senators and Representatives – as has National Commander David Rehbein before me – that nothing in the national health care reform legislation will change current DoD and VA health care eligibility or practices,” said The American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill concerning the outcome of the health care vote on Sunday. “As late as 9 pm last evening, I was on the telephone with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and we spoke candidly about The American Legion’s concerns. Based on that conversation, the transcripts of hearings, assurances from the President and Secretary themselves, I am 100 percent confident that Congress will act responsibly as regards the nation’s veterans and their families,” Hill said. Hill also explained that the legislative process being employed to implement the current health care reform is unlike any he has seen in his lifetime. Indeed, there has been nothing similar in the past 100 years. However, said Hill, “this is not the end of the health care reform debate or legislative process. The legislation involved is so complex that it will take years to iron out and implement. The American Legion will be involved every step of the way to ensure that the health care options guaranteed to service members and veterans, and their families, will be protected.” While the entire health care reform legislative package is extremely controversial and contentious, The American Legion has taken a position on one aspect only: maintaining the autonomy of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Defense’s health care delivery systems. “It is going to be a long, drawn out legislative process, but America’s veterans can rest assured that their benefits will be protected. That I personally guarantee,” said Hill.
Like I said in my post earlier, I agree with everything the Commander says here. My only concern is again how this bill was passed without the stuff being taken care of beforehand. But, Commander Hill is convinced that this will be fixed, and if he gives you his word, you can bank on it.
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I believe Commander Hill.

I don't believe any of what he has been told. This is, after all, the administration of a guy who thought it would be just swell to force our wounded warriors to pay for their own health care.

I have to agree with Hinton here. I put a lot of trust in Commander Hill, and he has had conversations and dialogues with people at high levels, so if he has a degree of confidence about this then I will have to find some faith.

My concern is that so many cut outs, side deals and executive orders to protect things for people got thrown around for votes on this bill, but somehow they didn't manange to get it in writing for the veterans. Words are wind. There was a time, before Brown was elected in Mass, that apparently the House side had corrected the legislation to protect the military and veteran health care. For some arcane reason that is probably above my head, they couldn't go forward with that. Apparently since then, they couldn't ammend the legislation to include the protections?

I'm not sure how, or why that works. I've been a student of history and government for a long time, but will readily admit I've learned loads about how our government works in recent history-which is a good thing.

Anyway, back to my original point-words are wind. That's all they are until there's follow through. You know what they say-In God we Trust, all others we verify.

So, yes, I put some trust in what Commander Hill has to say, and I have NO doubt whatsoever that TAL will not drop the ball on this, nor cease vigorously pursuing any means necessary to protect the integrity of the existing systems. But do I trust the administration and Congress to remember these promises now that they got what they wanted? That's another story.

The problem as I see it is this: The CinC and his enablers are bald-faced liars. They will obfuscate the situation, and tell the good Commander whatever it is they believe he wants to hear, then do whatever it is THEY want to do.

Lookit: Right now this health care bill is just the foot in the door towards getting socialized medicine as the law of the land. This bill, as enacted, will begin the attack that undermines and eventually forces the insurance companies out of business. When that happens, the government will step in and nationalize ALL health care. As soon as that it signed into law, the VA and Tr-Care will no longer be needed, and those programs will be disbanded, and veterans put into the national socialist health care program. The loss of those "redundant" systems will be touted as a "savings" for the nation, and make no mistake that knocking veterans out of a "privileged" status (their words, not mine) so that ALL are equal and get equal treatment is a major part of this entire assault.

If this health Care Bill remains the law, then within our own lifetimes we will see the Government's promises to it's veterans broken, and our VA and Tr-Care programs ended.


The U.S. Government is killin' us. Doesn't everybody notice that this will drive up taxes for everyone and even create brand new ones for everybody?

Drive up taxes? How so?

As I see it, it will actually shift some of the fiscal burden to the people who currently use health facilities and aren't able to pay the bill. We already pay for this via taxes and higher health care premiums... even as the insurance companies screw us over one nickel at a time! These uninsured folks get care, and we foot the entire bill (hello medicaid). At least if they have some type of insurance, they'll pay into the system before/while/after they take out of it!

*shrug* Sounds good to me.

... I personally think there are numerous other reasons to support health care reform too, but that one sticks out as an immediate reply to your concern, Troy.

Oh, and Tim... look in the mirror, friend. TriCare is the biggest "socialized health care" program in existence.

.... I'm just sayin'


You miss the entire point. Health Insurance is a commodity, something to buy, trade, use, etc. It's no different than a car, a keg of beer or a house. You have no RIGHT to health insurance. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that permits the Federal Government to demand that I purchase health insurance as a condition of citizenship, which this bill does. It mandates that I purchase health Insurance or be fined! If you think this is a great idea, then you have no concept of the proper role, nor Constitutional authority granted to the Federal Government. Here's an idea for you: State your argument again, only this time replace Health Care with firearm. See if you still agree with that.

And as for Tri-Care and the VA system, that is absolutely NOT socialized medicine. It was (and is) part of a veteran's contract, something promised to us as a condition of employment, and for which we worked and suffered pretty GD hard for. It isn't welfare, it isn't socialized medicine. It's part of our benefits package that WE earned through blood, sweat, and tears, not some frikkin' communist entitlement program that folks claim to deserve simply because they were born here.

Your argument sucks, and is right out of the SEIU and Obamabot talking points. In other words, quit shilling for the left. It ain't working.

Nobody is saying anything about having a "right" to health insurance... There is also nothing *in the Constitution* that says our government has to take care of it's veterans. BUT IT DOES. Good thing too! Otherwise what kind of state would our military be in??

Was TriCare promised to you as a condition of your employment in the military?


Was it also promised to you that no matter what the economic climate, your TriCare rates and coverage would never ever change? Did they also tell you that no matter what medical advances were made during your life, TriCare would not change in order to provide them to you?

The world is a living, changing thing. The econominc climate changes, and the reality we face from day to day changes. The reality is, your TriCare costs ARE increasing - health care reform aside! If there were no change in the policy, your costs would still increase. That's a guarantee. Health care reform will not eliminate that. However, it will (at minimum) stabilize the problem, and prevent the rise from escalating much further.

Call me an Obamabot all you want, but at least I have the ability to see the bigger picture here. You know what else we gave our blood, sweat, and tears for? The good of our country. Did you enlist and serve your country so that you could live on TriCare for the rest of your life? Or was it so that the United States remained free and healthy? Who's got the sense of entitlement now? We earned a benefit - we also earned freedom for the rest of the US to make their own choices, and by golly, they have! Thank God they made the right one by putting President Obama in office and approving of his efforts to reform health care. I think the most recent numbers are 49% approving the measure, and 40% opposing... Don't you support these people's freedom anymore?

You act like TriCare is being snatched out from under us by some Hitler-esque regime, and all veterans are being thrown to the socialist wolves.... you are so misled, I don't even know where to begin! I don't understand what part of this isn't clicking in your brain.

[...] you recall American Legion Commander Hill being given a personal guarantee that we Veterans would be taken care of and not forgotten? “I have been assured personally by the [...]

Jane says "As I see it, it will actually shift some of the fiscal burden to the people who currently use health facilities and aren’t able to pay the bill." If they can't pay the bill, what makes you think they can afford the insurance or even the fine? Now that we've added 30 million uninsured to the pot, who pays for those who can't afford the insurance, who pays for the illegal aliens who are now covered? We do through higher taxes.
I agree with AW1 Tim, the Federal Govt has no constitutional authority to make me buy anything. A law like this if upheld by the Supreme Court opens the door for them to force you to do anything, so there will be nor more free choice. Do we need reforms to the healthcare system, yes, but there were other ways to do it which were out right ignored, tort reform, being allowed to purchase insurance across state lines, etc. And yes the congress passed it by majority (or something to that affect) but for the most part the American people (many that voted for Obama) disapprove of major portions of the bill (now law) and how our elected officials pulled it off.
One of the reasons to pass HCR was to bring under control the rising costs of HC and to basically put limits on how much doctors, medical corporations, insurance companies, etc earn. Anyone remember Nancy Pelosi stating that once she became Speaker of the House the Democrats would bring the rising cost of fuel under control, seen any change there lately, well yes but the fuel costs have just continued to go up.
When are they going to do start regulating the entertainment industry? Have you seen how much a movie ticket costs today, I bet dollar for dollar entertainment cost have gone up at a higher % than HC or fuel? Now with 3D the prices are even higher! So why not regulate the entertainment industry and prevent actors from making millions of dollars for a few months work? Oh, maybe because the entertainment industry for the most part is filled with brain dead Obamites that kiss his fourth point of contact (ask a Paratrooper) every occasion they get. Can't mess with the liberals that got you elected, just think of it everytime you go to a movie or concert you are giving money to the liberal agenda. Maybe he learned to bow in drama class!

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